Favourite satire headlines

Been looking through the ol’ archives and collected together a few of my favourite comedy headlines I’ve pitched and written over the last few years.

A Letter to the Four Jars of Moldy Salsa Found at the Back of My Fridge

Self-Sustaining Sentient Playground That Absorbs Human Children for Nutrients Wins Design Award

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right—Unless It’s How We Combined Komodo Dragons and Scorpions, Because Those Things Are Fucking Wicked

Mobility Walkers Needed! Help Disgraced Male Moguls Appear Sympathetic And Earn Big $$$

Behold, My Take! For I am a Take-Master and Provide Only the Takiest Takes Ever Took By a Taker

Dow Closes, Will Reopen But Only 3 Stocks Allowed in at Same Time

Investor Always Craves Junk Bonds At Night

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